Clutter Free

June 6, 2017

Spring cleaning has come and gone. Summer’s here, and your house is still filled with clutter. We know it might seem like an impossible task, but with the right resources, you can clear out the clutter once and for all. Here are some of our favorite tips!

Make A Plan
Every big project is easier with a road map. Take some time before you start working to make a plan of attack. Figure out how much clutter is in each room, then start with the one that needs the most love and work your way down. And no, putting it all in the attic is not a plan.

No Feelings Allowed
It sounds silly, but decluttering can be an emotional thing. We hold onto all kinds of things well past their expiration date because of how they make us feel: clothes we might fit into someday, books someone might read, plates someone might use. If those things haven’t been touched in years and it doesn’t look like that will change any time soon, it’s time for them to go. Remember, you can always buy it again…but after living in your new cleared-out space, you may not want to.

Pass It On
Once you’re in the decluttering zone, you might start throwing out everything you see. Step back for a moment and think about whether or not anything you’re getting rid of might be useful to someone else. In each room, have separate boxes, bags, or piles for things that can be donated and things that are trash. The odds are good that no one’s going to want that stack of magazines you’ve been building since the ‘90s, but your old pots and pans may be a welcome addition to someone’s kitchen.

Contain to Maintain
You’ve donated the useful and trashed the useless, but your space is still a little…well, busy. This is where your organizational skills come in. You can straighten up the messiest cabinet by putting similar things – like spices or nail polish bottles – into clear plastic boxes. Use empty jars to store pens, pencils, and other small office supplies. Baskets and wooden crates not only act as a convenient place to throw keys or store books, but add a little rustic charm to your space. Get creative!

If there are things you just couldn’t part with but don’t know where to keep, try our favorite decluttering tip: call Jack Rabbit Self Storage at (757) 962-6914 to reserve a unit at one of our eleven convenient Hampton Roads locations!