Rainy Day
Home Improvement

March 3, 2017

April showers may bring May flowers, but they also bring an awful lot of days spent inside. Here are five fun, easy DIY projects that we’re sure will brighten your home, clouds or no.

Give Your Medicine Cabinet a Makeover
By adding colorful wallpaper to the back wall of the closet and transferring your medicine cabinet staples from their boring plastic containers to pretty glass ones, you’ll start looking forward to reaching for your cotton balls in the morning. If you’ve got a little more space, think about organizing your goods by category into their own bins so that everything is in its right place.

“Reupholster” Old Chairs
All you need to perk up a tired old chair is a little paint, some fun fabric, a staple gun, and determination. Remove the cushion from the frame of the chair and set it aside, then give the frame a good wipedown. Apply two coats of paint to the frame. While the paint is drying, measure out your fabric and start stapling. Make sure the fabric is nice and tight around the cushion, and that all the edges are folded in. Trim the loose fabric, replace the cushion, and enjoy your new throne.

Paint a Chalkboard Wall
Chalkboard paint is readily available at any hardware store, and will transform a run-of-the-mill wall into a message center and art space. Simply apply a few coats to a wall of your choosing, wait for it to dry, and get creative!

Build a Memory Table
What do you get when you cross a basic side table with a picture frame? A clever place to show off your cherished possessions. Using a deep picture frame that’s just a bit smaller than your tabletop, apply velcro to the backs of the tabletop and frame, sticky side down. Secure your treasures with glue dots or tape. Fasten the velcro together. Impress all your guests.

Add Storage to Your Entryway
Giving your entryway a storage upgrade not only stops clutter in its tracks, but adds a little zing to the first thing people see when they enter your home. Hang hooks for each member of the family on the wall nearest to your door, with corresponding storage baskets directly below. Use some of your leftover chalkboard paint to add a place for messages. Put a catch-all bowl for keys, change, and sunglasses on a table near the door. The possibilities are endless!

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