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April Auction Schedule

For an update on the number of units for sale at each location, call (757) 473-3229 or see our Newspaper Ad on 4/1/2018

APR 2, 2018
10:00 AM        5185 SHORE DRIVE, VIRGINIA BEACH, VA                                       
 APR 4, 2018
1:30 PM           189 S. ROSEMONT RD, VIRGINIA BEACH, VA
APR 5, 2018

Auction FAQs

Why do you hold storage auctions?
The contents of storage units are occasionally abandoned by customers who stop paying rent. After muliple months of delinquency, auctions are held to clean out the neglected units.
Who can attend your auctions?
Our auctions are open to the public, anyone can attend!
How can I be notified of upcoming auctions?
Like us on Facebook, sign-up for a monthly email notice, check the classified section under legal, or call our auction line (757) 473-3229.
Do I have to get a registration number to bid with?
No, in order to bid you simply need the auctioneer to see or hear you during the auction.
Do I drive to the different units?
When you arrive at one of the Jack Rabbit locations, you will be shown where to park. In the office, you will be given a list of units and the order in which they will be auctioned. We then walk as a group to each of the units one by one.
Are there ever any cars or motorcycles?
Yes, there are occasionally vehicles for sale. Once the sale has taken place, the successful bidder is given the necessary documents to take to the DMV and obtain a new title and registration.
How would bidders know that there are vehicles for sale?
When we send out the monthly e-mail notice, any unusual items such as vehicles will be noted, along with any known information.
How do I pay for a unit after the auction?
After the auction is over, visit the office to make payment in fun with cash or credit card. You then have 48 hours to remove the contents of the unit.