Self-Storage Tips for
New Parents

January 1, 2018

Self-Storage for New ParentsAre you expecting? Congratulations! The arrival of a new baby brings excitement and the promise of hope, not to mention big changes in your lifestyle. When you know your family is about to expand, you have to make many decisions. Do you need a bigger car or a larger house? If you choose not to move, then one room in your home will become a nursery, but what happens to the furniture and other belongings occupying it?

Self-storage is one solution for expectant parents facing the probability of a crowded house. Whether you live in an apartment in Norfolk, a Virginia Beach condo or a home in Williamsburg, a self-storage unit provides convenience for those who aren’t ready to get rid of certain items. For couples preparing for a baby, there are advantages to renting a unit well before the blessed event.

Store nursery items until it’s time to move. Yes, you’ll need a crib, but that may not be the only piece of furniture you buy. You may add a changing table, a rocking chair, a chest of drawers, a playpen and a stroller to your shopping list. Self-storage can keep everything for the baby’s room secure and out of the way while you shift and clear inventory in your home.

Make the switch. Once you’ve made space in the nursery and decided what goes into storage, it’s only a matter of moving surplus belongings to your unit and retrieving the baby’s stuff. Jack Rabbit offers a free truck rental if you have large items to move.

Planning for more? Eventually, your baby will outgrow the crib and diapers but, if the furniture has remained in good shape, you may want to hang onto it if you’re planning for more kids. A climate-controlled unit helps keep wood furniture and fabrics safe from damaging elements so when it’s time to welcome the next member of your family, you’ll find everything clean and ready to use.

Before you pick your new baby’s wallpaper and crib patterns, look into a self-storage rental. Spend more time looking forward to your new family instead of worrying about space. Contact Jack Rabbit Self Storage for more information about our available storage units.