Use Self-Storage While
You Remodel

March 3, 2018

self storage during renovationWe’ll admit it; we’re hooked on the home renovation TV shows. It’s fascinating the see the possibilities available to homeowners interested in adding on to their present homes, or buying an outdated property that transforms into a cozy home with contemporary fixtures and usable space. We know these shows are edited to enhance the drama and fit in the commercials, so you don’t always see what happens to the homeowner’s belongings in the midst of all the hammering and selecting of new paint. We like to think we have a good idea.

When you prepare to renovate your home, it’s important to plan for the storage of the affected furniture and other items. If you have a full kitchen remodel or room expansion or addition in mind, you’ll find it’s more convenient to move things into a self-storage unit rather than push belongings into a garage or divide boxes among your untouched rooms. You may be tempted to keep everything at home to save money, but consider these points:

You need your space. Over time, your family won’t appreciate moving around boxes or shifting items crowding one room to get to the clothes or equipment they need. While you haven’t purchased more furniture or objects, your home will feel congested during renovations if you don’t remove what you don’t need at the moment.

Delays happen. You can aim for a completed home renovation in thirty to sixty days, but if you watch enough of these TV shows you’ll realize that things don’t always happen according to plan. You may find during the course of fixing up a room that it needs more work, and that means living in crowded rooms longer than expected. Self-storage can help relieve this one headache caused by remodeling delays.

Risk of damage. Depending on the level of activity in your home during renovation, boxes and equipment moved to another part of your home may be susceptible to damage. In a self-storage unit, you have room to properly stack furniture and cases so nothing topples or gets in your way.

A short-term self-storage unit provides homeowners with the right solution for safekeeping during renovation projects. Don’t sacrifice your home space when it becomes a premium – keep your belongings safe and your mind and usable rooms clear.