Lock Down Your Budget

Our Rate-Lock Guarantee Lets You Store with Confidence

At Jack Rabbit, we believe that storage rates should be simple, steady, and straightforward. Unfortunately, many other self-storage companies are starting to quote “teaser” rates that increase over time. Don’t be fooled by our competitors’ “gotcha” rates.

Rate Lock - Self Storage

Know the Facts

To lure you in, other self-storage companies may initially offer you a low “teaser” rate. The “teaser” rate is typically only good for the first few months. After that, you are charged multiple rate increases that push your rental rate higher and higher and higher… So Be Careful – if you’re shopping around, be sure to always ask, “How long is that rate good for?”

Our Promise to You

At Jack Rabbit, we don’t play games – we have no “teaser” rates and no hidden fees. Period.

Rate Lock GuaranteeOur Rate-Lock Guarantee is a promise to you that your rental rate will stay steady for a full year. That means no rate increases and no surprises. It’s our goal to delight every customer with rental policies that are as reasonable as they are straightforward.

We believe our way of doing business sets Jack Rabbit apart from the competition and provides a superior all-around storage experience. To find out more about our Rate-Lock Guarantee and the rental process, come by any of our 11 locations or simply contact us here.